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I was born and raised in sunny South Africa where most of my childhood was spent outside- exploring with friends on our bikes, building forts in the woods, riding h and camping out under the stars in the Magaliesberg mountains. I grew up surrounded by incredible storytellers, from my dad’s wildly fantastical bedtime stories to the pages of Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell, and C.S Lewis. They ignited my imagination and inspired me to seek grand adventures of my own.  

Being every bit as passionate about the craft of acting, I trained in New York at the New York Conservatory for dramatic arts. There I honed my on-screen technique before heading to LA to pursue it further. 


With an arsenal of action skills to compliment my acting craft, I am in my element when these twofold passions of physicality and theatricality are brought together.

Having gymnasts in the family meant I was introduced to a world of physical training from a young age, and witnessing what the human body is capable of inspired me to train and develop that potential. Being a pretty adventurous kid, I often found my way onto rooftops and buildings. When I discovered parkour it was a natural fit. I became a student of movement. All of it- from parkour and capoeira to acrobatics and jiu-jitsu. It became part of my lifestyle and eventually my career. Screen combat, extreme sports, horsemanship, swordsmanship, and weapons proficiency are among some of the more specialized abilities that my experience in stunt work has afforded me.

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